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Posted by on Aug 14, 2018 .

We all love that feeling of sitting down after a long day at work or the moment when the kids are in bed and you finally sink into the sofa for a bit of calm. But what if we said you was doing all wrong?

No, we are not saying long days at work and putting the kids to bed are wrong; you have to do those things. But if you are sinking into the sofa without raising your feet on a Footstool, then you are failing your body and mind the ultimate relax.

Try it. Go and sit and try and place yourself into your lazy Zen state… yeah them feet definitely want to elevate don’t they. And who can blame them. They have supported your stomping...

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Posted by on Jun 22, 2018 .

If I said name an item of clothing, I am sure t-shirt would be the first answer for most people. In fact I am certain Family Fortunes will have covered that during all its episodes over the decades. (Drop us an email Les Dennis with what the survey said). But they are a standard item of clothing so why wouldn’t they be. Stylistically though they can create someone’s individuality or even portray a person’s personality. So why wouldn’t we create a T-shirt with the intention of only wearing it at home and not really for anyone else to see!!

T-shirt and loungepants combo… it has to be the nation’s favourite clothes option...

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Posted by on May 18, 2018 .

News of UK manufacturing been on the decline seems to have gone on forever. Lets not bore ourselves with the reasons why, we can all go and research the problem if it’s keeping us awake at night. But why it is important to us at Lazy Git HQ to manufacture our products in the UK is definitely worth talking about.

We set out from the off wanting to have our products manufactured in the UK. We knew it would be a unique selling point, we knew it would possibly make us look a bit cooler then some of the mass produced foreign imports but that wasn’t necessarily the root reason why we set off to manufacture here.

We weren’t even sure...

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Posted by on May 07, 2018 .

While the world advances with technology, does it hold us regular thinkers back? Just think about what some people might have achieved if they hadn't been distracted with the latest 4K television viewing experience and 10 season long boxset. 

Okay so maybe that's a bit extreme but it did get me thinking about how difficult some revolutionary people of the past would have found it if they had PlayStation 4 and Netflix to distract them. 

But who could blame them. How amazing are they. In the past few years I have successfully managed the biggest football team in the world whilst scoring a screamer in a cup final, saved the world and...

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Posted by on Feb 06, 2018 .

So we set the target…. ’Create the most comfortable loungepants ever’ and ‘make sure they are made in the UK’ and believe me, it was no easy feat.

We never set out to reinvent the loungepant we all love and wear around the house but it just so happens that we designed something better and little more unique. Ideal for TV lovers, hardcore gamers, Sunday snugglers or even just after work loungers we really have created the perfect gift or ‘self-purchase’ for anyone who appreciates lounging. We created Gouchers.

So what are Gouchers….well they are definitely not pyjamas but better than loungepants. They are created...

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