All of our products are Manufactured in the UK

Posted by on May 18, 2018 .

News of UK manufacturing been on the decline seems to have gone on forever. Lets not bore ourselves with the reasons why, we can all go and research the problem if it’s keeping us awake at night. But why it is important to us at Lazy Git HQ to manufacture our products in the UK is definitely worth talking about.

We set out from the off wanting to have our products manufactured in the UK. We knew it would be a unique selling point, we knew it would possibly make us look a bit cooler then some of the mass produced foreign imports but that wasn’t necessarily the root reason why we set off to manufacture here.

We weren’t even sure it was possible when we set that as a goal. All the negative connotations about the cost of doing it in UK and specialists factories closing down made us think it may even be a non-starter before we even started. But a lot of groundwork, networking and contacts later we found the people who could make it happen the way we wanted to make it happen. It took a lot more then a Google search…life does exist after the first page of Google! It was months of emails, phone calls, journeys and work that made it happen.

Of course we looked abroad and by no surprise it is cheaper to have things manufactured overseas. But what it means to us to have our products manufactured in the UK is a pride that we know everything about our products. We have physically seen it grow from a scribble on a piece of paper to actual products we are proud of.

From becoming friends with the people earning a living to make our visions and ideas happen through to knowing we are on a very small scale helping support the British Economy, we will always continue to make in the UK. We have no problems with products made abroad but we just love how the workmanship, pride and energy is very much alive in this country and needs to be appreciated by more people.

We made some great friends in our journey to manufacture on these shores. Our quality control is high and that’s all because of the great people working in the factories in the UK. If you are thinking of starting something up, please consider manufacturing in the UK. It may cost slightly more per unit, it may be a slower process then some places abroad, but you really will have a blast and get support unparalleled with some places abroad. We are glad we did!

Last update: August 14, 2018