Footstools… the missing piece of a King or Queen’s throne

Posted by on August 14, 2018 .

We all love that feeling of sitting down after a long day at work or the moment when the kids are in bed and you finally sink into the sofa for a bit of calm. But what if we said you was doing all wrong?

No, we are not saying long days at work and putting the kids to bed are wrong; you have to do those things. But if you are sinking into the sofa without raising your feet on a Footstool, then you are failing your body and mind the ultimate relax.

Try it. Go and sit and try and place yourself into your lazy Zen state… yeah them feet definitely want to elevate don’t they. And who can blame them. They have supported your stomping around all day; they deserve to be rested properly. And we are telling you; the only way that is going to happen is by elevating them on a footstool.

So what better time to mention our range of footstools. Designed for the ultimate luxury of raising and resting your feet at the end of a day. Perfect for watching movies, soaps or even just a nap. Made in the UK and built to last.  These Footstools are just about as essential as bread and water once you have tried them.

Covering a range of uses, we make them in a soft, cushion feel Cotton perfect for living room or conservatory. Want to use it outside in the summer, then we have a material that can be used outside, and then fits perfect indoors in Winter. Or maybe you have a fancy looking space in which our Faux Leather material is more suited? Easy to clean, perfect for messy kids and even pet drool proof, just a damp cloth will restore it to its former glory.

And colours… well we have you covered. Available in 15 colours, we have a shade for every personality and living room home. So do not fear, these lumps of happiness will just slot right into your décor.

And just when you think its over, its not, think outside the box a little and you will see why Lazy Git customers love these. Extra seat for young ones or even adults? A temporary table when the takeaway pizzas arrive for in front of the sofa? I’m even writing this blog using a Footstool as a table for my laptop. The gift that keeps on giving!

So next time you are in front of the TV just ask yourself if you would be even more comfy if your feet were elevated. And if you would be even more relaxed and cosy if you bought one from us knowing it was Made in the UK and you are supporting an British independent.