Have our own advancements held us back...

Posted by on May 07, 2018 .

While the world advances with technology, does it hold us regular thinkers back? Just think about what some people might have achieved if they hadn't been distracted with the latest 4K television viewing experience and 10 season long boxset. 

Okay so maybe that's a bit extreme but it did get me thinking about how difficult some revolutionary people of the past would have found it if they had PlayStation 4 and Netflix to distract them. 

But who could blame them. How amazing are they. In the past few years I have successfully managed the biggest football team in the world whilst scoring a screamer in a cup final, saved the world and experienced war on a devastating scale, won millions whilst competing in street racing and gone on a crime spree were I brutality murdered people who got in my way. Of course we are talking about the world of gaming but that's what makes it so amazing and worth all the time spent on it. How else would I have got a small percentage of feeling or emotion related to them things without the world of gaming. 

And it's the same with boxsets. All that time spent is quite worrying when you talk about it in time, but the emotions you experience and the journey your mind goes on is amazing. Visual stimulation really is like a drug and I crave it more and more.

I am not saying everyone should abandon their goals and dreams in life and spend it lounging. We still need the forward thinkers to create better computer consoles and bigger definition TV’s and robots to bring us snacks from the fridge (Yeah you can have a fridge next to the sofa but at some point in life the wife will put her foot down) and lounging gadgets like iPads and amazing TV productions that turn into days as a boxset. But even those people need a day off. Enjoy the time you spend lounging, it shouldn’t be a guilty pleasure.

We all work hard on a day to day basis and evenings and weekends should be spent doing what you enjoy. Laying on the sofa with a takeaway and binge-watching 6 hours of the latest boxset or 10 hours worth of gaming really is a good thing! You have all them 9-5 working hours to plan how to save the world and pay the mortgage.

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