Our NEW t-shirt range showcases quailty #MadeintheUK

Posted by on June 22, 2018 .

If I said name an item of clothing, I am sure t-shirt would be the first answer for most people. In fact I am certain Family Fortunes will have covered that during all its episodes over the decades. (Drop us an email Les Dennis with what the survey said). But they are a standard item of clothing so why wouldn’t they be. Stylistically though they can create someone’s individuality or even portray a person’s personality. So why wouldn’t we create a T-shirt with the intention of only wearing it at home and not really for anyone else to see!!

T-shirt and loungepants combo… it has to be the nation’s favourite clothes option after work or on a weekend. Casual enough to be cosy, but good enough if you need to do a few bits around the house or nip out to pick up a takeaway. So when we created loungepants, it only felt natural to create some quality tee’s to go with them.

Simple designs, highlighting ones commitment to lounging around, these t-shirts offer subtle nods to people who love lounging, film nights, takeaways, boxsets and just general lazy-ing around! Made from 100% Cotton and fully manufactured in the UK, these bold bright colours are designed loose fitting to keep you comfortable and last a lifetime.

Be brave, pick a colour that best suits you and know that no one other than family is going to see you in it. And when they do, they will know that it will be pointless asking you to do anything as you have committed to the lounge!

Are you a fan of Boxsets? Test yourself now. Can you name all the nods to some of the greatest Boxset collections of all time on a LazyGit favourite tee The Boxset (www.lazygit.com/t-shirts/the-boxset). Yes… No… well don’t be buying it unless you can. Go and put the hours in and then you can be worthy of wearing it!

Have a family member who enjoys a Lazy Day? Well say no more than buying them a uniform for exactly that! The Lazy Day t-shirt (www.lazygit.com/t-shirts/the-lazy-day-t-shirts) is perfect for that person!

Browse our full range of t-shirts and see what you think. We are quite proud of our range and designs but we would love to hear what you think? Take advantage at the moment of 2 t-shirts for £40 which includes FREE delivery to your home. They will also arrive pre-boxed which makes them perfect for a gift! Ideal for people who appreciate lounging. 

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