The most comfortable loungepants ever

Posted by on February 06, 2018 .

So we set the target…. ’Create the most comfortable loungepants ever’ and ‘make sure they are made in the UK’ and believe me, it was no easy feat.

We never set out to reinvent the loungepant we all love and wear around the house but it just so happens that we designed something better and little more unique. Ideal for TV lovers, hardcore gamers, Sunday snugglers or even just after work loungers we really have created the perfect gift or ‘self-purchase’ for anyone who appreciates lounging. We created Gouchers.

So what are Gouchers….well they are definitely not pyjamas but better than loungepants. They are created purely for them lazy days around the house and gouching on the sofa. Them days when you just want to lay and watch a film, or pig out on snacks or even just relax after gym. Most of us think all day about leaving work, getting home and getting changed into something more comfortable in front of the fire. And now these are made just for that.

Sourcing high quality fabric to last the test of time and making sure it was soft enough so it feels great on the skin, we tried to ensure a colour set that offered something for everyone. Bright tones and some more careful subtle ones mean it’s your choice what colour you wear. And why not have the brightest, loudest colour we sell. These pants are for indoor use only for no one else to see. So why lounge in dull pants when you can be so comfortable in bright emerald green!!

With an elasticated waist that has to be felt to be believed and a baggy loose fit so you don’t feel restricted. We have taken away that concern of undoing the top button after a big feed as no amount of Friday night takeaway will make your waist feel tight!

But this is why Gouchers are a must. Because we all have that ‘go to’ pair of pants that we wear on these lounging occasions. They are loud and proud and not to be warn outside and seen by the public. Pick your colour and lay there knowing life is good. No one is going to ask you to do anything…..they see the Gouchers and they not too!

Sold in a pizza box…..we know that wasn’t necessary but it sure as hell looks cool. For the person who does nothing, or the man who has everything, they really suit modern day living. Gouchers are the perfect buy for a gift idea or just for yourself. You won’t regret it!

Last update: August 14, 2018