The Monster Green

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Could a name ever be more suited to a product then The Monster? Probably the Daddy of all the Beanbags, please take note that this is absolutely huge! Lay in it, sleep in it, live in it….if you wasn't lazy before, you will be once you get into this. But you have been warned, this is ginormous so please ensure you have the space for it to live.

Available in 3 different materials, choose the look or use that is best for you. Made either in a high quality 100% cotton drill, perfect combination of soft, warm and robust. Or available in Faux Leather for an elegant look without the huge price tag of real leather. Or choose Indoor/Outdoor material that does exactly what it says, soft enough for maximum comfort indoors but shower proof and UV resistant for use outdoors.

Product Dimensions

Size Dimensions (Length x Width x Height)
Mini Monster 110cm x 110cm x 100cm
Huge 140cm x 140cm x 100cm



The dimensions explained on here are those of the flat manufactured bag. Once the bag is filled the dimensions will vary depending on the amount of filling, use and outer materials used. Should you need any advice, please do not hesitate to call the Lazy Git team to discuss.

Other colours
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Other Colours