Well there are certainly different types!

It is more than just a person who lays around all day, every day, doing nothing like your cousin Mike. A Lazy Git could be a doctor, a bank manager, the mechanic up the street, your next door neighbour….let’s be honest I know it is definitely me and you probably know it is you.

The fact of the matter is that we all deserve that little bit of ‘me’ time to relax. It’s important…I read about it once in Hello magazine.

And it can happen in so many ways…it might just be that downtime after a busy day at work. It could just be those lazy Sundays you have with your partner. It might be when you cosy up for DVD night with a takeaway. Or it could be simply just sitting in the comfort of your HD tele as you take on the world on your Playstation.

What is a fact is television is now good! And there is no better way to watch it then in the comfort of your settee in the most sensible pants in the world. Some days it just doesn’t require getting dressed in fancy clothes and spending the time doing your makeup, it’s all about a lounge pants and baggy t-shirt combo.

This is not a sales pitch…..this is just me telling you you’re a Lazy Git.